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Downtown Anchorage, Alaska Dog Walker

Dog walking is about more than the walk. It’s also about one-on-one, quality time while you are away so that your dog feels valued and loved. I don’t walk dogs from different owners in groups. I give your dog, or dogs the attention and affection they would get from you. I’m a licensed and insured dog walker with a 7-year track record of happy and healthy dogs (and owners) in Alaska.

Many veterinarians recommend at least two walks per day for most dogs. In addition to being great exercise, my walks also offer a wonderful source of mental stimulation for your four-legged friend. Dogs, like people, need regular exercise to be healthy and happy. As a solution, I offer 1- hour walks or longer adventures with your dog.

My walks include plenty of encouragement and positive training reinforcement, along with socialization training to teach your dog to be have politely ‘in public’. The walk is followed by a treat and some “winding down time”- (quiet play, brushing, or petting.) It’s a great treat for your dog’s body, mind, and spirit.

Dog-Walking Hours

    10:00 AM – 4:00 PM